A foodie by birth, i enjoy eating and cooking… have been cooking for a long time and have decided to pen down recipes that i cook in my kitchen…Some delicacies, some modifications and some regular home cooked meals…

This blog is dedicated to all mothers & grandmothers who have made us love home cooking…something which we all crave for…wherever we might be..food which we want to come home to…

All the photos are an experimentation towards making recipes presentable and beautiful…by me and M…

Hope people enjoy the experience of cooking the same way that i do… Happy cooking

I have also started baking under the @200deg !!! Do visit http://www.facebook.com/at200deg to see some of my baked goodies…

10 Responses to “About”

  1. Really nice to see the recipies… I guess good enough for a bachelor to help himself on a dry sunday afternoon!!!


  2. Thanks Ashwin… šŸ™‚

  3. Hi Priya,
    Finally got the time, and checked out ur blog in detail. Enjoyed reading it, and will surely pick up a few ideas from it. Happy cooking, Vishakha

  4. Hi Priya.. Liked the way you presented the recipies…I Miss homely food and I will surely try your recipies.

  5. Hi..the pictures make a great impact!! nspiring :O)..good going!!!

  6. Hey Priya,

    This is alpesh from linq.in. I loved your blog specially the mango rice recipe and I thought I would let you know that your blog has been selected as the Best Recipe Blog of week on 2008-05-04.

    Check it out here http://news.linq.in/index.php?bg=91241

    Linq tracks posts from Indian blogs and lists them in order of recent interest. We offer syndication opportunities and many tools for bloggers to use in there web sites.

    Check the bloggers tools here http://news.linq.in/bloggers_tools.php

    Bye and Happy Blogging.


  7. Sorry its http://news.linq.in/blogger_tools.php

  8. Again Sorry its http://news.linq.in/blogger_tools.php

  9. hei..thanks for the feature in linq.in.. šŸ™‚

  10. Hi, While I was searching for Saraswati image online (she is favorite of my Hindu devi), came across your blog. I like the photo of altar for other Hindu gods you posted. I wonder if I could copy it just for my screen saver? p.s. I may try your recipe as well.

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