Student to Tutor!!!

When i joined the one month course at Inst of baking and cake art..little did i know that this place would take me to a new phase in  my life…..It had taken me a while to realize that i like cooking / baking..well…doing anything which involves making something to eat..this love for eating and making something to eat was what started this blog and now after some learning and practice…. i have joined this same baking place as a tutor…

This journey from a blogger to student to tutor has been very pleasant and hope all these are always a part of my’s to a continued relationship with food and food and food!!!!

~ by priyaskitchen on April 9, 2011.

6 Responses to “Student to Tutor!!!”

  1. Great Going Priya…All the best…

  2. Congrats Priya…All the best:)

  3. hi priya,
    hope u remember me. glad to be here once again.
    long time, hope things are fine with u??

    • hei…loong time…soryy for such a long delay in reply..ofcourse i remember you..m fine wats news with u??

  4. Akka u have an illicit affair with food! No wonder its so passionate ;P

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