Bangalore foodie bloggers…lets meet up!!!

Whenever i saw bloggers meeting up and sharing their experiences…i used wonder when i will meet up people in Bangalore… i thought let me start to coordinate meeting of the Bangalore Foodie Bloggers (don’t really know if people have already met up)…

So guys & ladies…if you stay in Bangalore or will be shifting to Bangalore in the near future or anyone who wants to come to Bangalore ( i know i have put too many or’s) 🙂 let me know…lets try and meet up…i am very sure it will be fun planning and meeting up…

Leave me a message as a comment or mail me at : priyah3(at)yahoo(dot)com

Happy Cooking !!!


~ by priyaskitchen on June 18, 2008.

9 Responses to “Bangalore foodie bloggers…lets meet up!!!”

  1. ehmm..was wondering when you are going to post this…happy meeting…

  2. Ohh how I wish I could be part of this meeting/occassion/kitty party
    I miss that…

  3. I have myself been wanting to organize a meet like this of all fellow food bloggers in Bangalore. Please count me in!

  4. am new to blogging and bangalore. will be nice to meet people like this.
    i picked up cooking interests due to places of stay, family orientation and my liking
    Am a south Indian..settled in orissa, studied in Pune, worked in Delhi, married into an Oriya family and now in Bangalore.
    i love experimenting and cooking.

  5. Hi Sumitra..welcome to Bangalore..and wat an interesting life..we should meet..will let u know on the date soon…

  6. hi have u all met?????i am coming down next month …hopefully can meet u all

  7. Hi Guys!Was looking for a virtual place to meet up foodies in Bangalore.It would be great to learn new recipes,information on hard to find ingredients and of course the lesser known eateries in Bangalore.Would also love to know how other foodies manage to cook good healthy food after a tiring day or during rush hours in the morning.

    Can anybody tell me where I can find frozen puff pastry dough in Bangalore? Found samosa pattis at Safal,but its too salty to make anything sweet out of it.Americans are so lucky to find this kinda stuff so very easily at all grocery stores,am jealous:-((

  8. Hello foodies i think this site will be of some help for you guys to share your thoughts
    ot has a foodies club, where you can share your views with like minded people.

  9. […] to coordinate meeting of the Bangalore Foodie Bloggers (don’t really know if people have… [full post] priyaskitchen Priyas kitchen – Spices in life uncategorized 0 0 0 […]

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