WBB#22 May Mango madness – Mango crepes

 The day that i heard of Mango madness, i knew i had to make the lovely crepes and post it….the king of all fruits was an obvious choice as a stuffing for the crepes…



Mangoes: 1 nos: skin peeled and chopped into small pieces
strawberry: 5-6 nos, sliced thinly
maida: 1 cup
eggs: 2 nos
salt : 2 pinches
sugar: 1 tsp
Milk: 1/2 cup
water: 1/2 cup
butter: 1 tbsp: melted


1. Mix the maida, eggs, salt, sugar, water, melted butter and milk to form a nice batter.
2. To make the stuffing, heat a little butter (1 tsp), add 1 tsp sugar and add the fruits and let the sugar-butter liquid quote the fruits. mix it once and set aside….
3. Take a non stick tawa, coat the tawa with little butter and pour the batter on the tawa with a ladle.
4. Smear it to make a thin dosa out of it…
5. Cook on one side and then flip it to cook on both sides….
6. Stuff the fruits and present it warm or cold to one and all…

 This is my contribution to  WBB#22 May Mango Madness by Arundati 



~ by priyaskitchen on May 13, 2008.

22 Responses to “WBB#22 May Mango madness – Mango crepes”

  1. Great idea, Priya!! Love the idea of mango filling for crepes! 🙂

  2. This was very very tasty.

  3. That is a gorgeous recipe!:)

  4. Lovely recipe. A healthy option.

  5. hi priya, I have linked your recipe in my blog. your recipe was very inspiring. Here is the link http://letusallcook.blogspot.com/2008/05/mango-crepes-recipe.html

  6. looks too good..mango used in a unique way

  7. lovely mango crepes priya!!!really tempting..

  8. Crepe mango wow delicious way to start the morning

  9. thats a lovely one priya!…it must’ve been so yummy!

  10. Kalai: Thanks…
    Mahesh: 🙂
    Asha: tnank you …
    Uma: glad you liked it…
    Sangeeth: thanks..i went thorugh you blog…nice way u have mentioned variety of recipes…
    Athisaya Dhivya: 🙂
    Ranji: come home…will make it and give…
    Cham: morning delicacy isnt it… 🙂
    Srivalli: yummy it was… and with some honey it was heavenly…

  11. Nice blog Priya….n mangoes r my fav, tried this one n it came out really good. Keep up the good work !!!!!!!
    Congrats on ur award !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Love mangoes….the recipe looks great! Nice entry.

  13. Hi Janet & homecooked: thank you both!!!

  14. wowy//…. this must have been blissful.. i love ur page.. neat n proffesional..

  15. Looks & sounds delicious!

  16. Hei swati…glad you liked the format of blog and the post…
    VAni: 🙂

  17. u hve nice place out here..like dur blog,.

  18. now thats a different name notyet100..thanks for visiting my blog…

  19. […] Priya of Priya’s Kitchen – Spices in Life brings alive this mango madness with her mango crepes […]

  20. pics looks wonderfull. nice blog!

  21. Mango crepes – very creative!!! Looks good.Thanks for visiting my blog.

  22. Hi thanks meera and spicy lovers 🙂

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