Weekend snack with a twist…

Last saturday around 6.00 PM D (my sis) and M (my hubby) anf me (of course) got hungry and had a craving to eat a snack..something out of the usual and crunchy… so i went to the kitchen and got out whatever was there in my fridge and as my luck would have it on a weekend…not much..but i did have a little dosai maave (Dosa batter)..and by little i had only a couple of table spoons worth..so what to do..well we did manage to have a snack and this is how i made it….hope people like it…


Dosai batter: 3 tablespoons
Onions: Chopped finely : 1 med nos
Ginger: chopped finely: 1 inch
green chillies: chopped finely: according to taste
Curd: 1 tbsp
salt: according to taste
Sooji / rava: a cup
Chopped corriander leaves: 2 tspTwist: 1 tsp of lemon juice
Oil for frying
Twist: 1 tsp lemon juice…

1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and let it stay for 10-15 minutes..
2. If the batter is too thick, some more curd could be added to get the correct consistency.
3. Heat oil in a kadai, meke take small portions of the batter (either by hand or tsp) and deep fry it.
4. Once the vadai is fried till golden brown remove them on a tissue paper….
5. Serve the tangy rava vadai with hot with chilli/ tomato sauce…

~ by priyaskitchen on March 16, 2008.

12 Responses to “Weekend snack with a twist…”

  1. Lovely snack idea for a weekend.

  2. Great snacks fo weeknds. This will make it so perfect.

  3. Hi guys…Jayashree & Pooja..thanks for your comments…

  4. wow!innovative idea…looks yummm

  5. I too prepasre the same vadai with dosai maavu..a quick snack

  6. Wonderful snack for the evening.

  7. Looks great for weekend

  8. hey that looks good..i have tried this ,but never added sooji…sooji must have givenn a crunchiness to the snack..

  9. Creative!! Love this idea, Priya! šŸ™‚

  10. it was quite tasty. enjoyed it a lot.

  11. You should add a new category called “creative receipe’s” and add this in that.

  12. Dhivya: thank you…
    Athisaya divya: it is delicious isnt it… šŸ™‚
    Uma: wen u try it out do let me know how it turned out…
    Chari: šŸ™‚
    sowmya: ya the sooji gives it that crunch…
    Kalai: thank you..hop u like it…
    Mahes: I sure will…

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