Kuzha Puttu with Kadala Curry…

Kuzha puttu and kadala curry is traditionally had for breakfast in Kerala. The kuzha is a vessel in which puttu is made. The traditional kuzha was made up of two vessels, wherein the bottom portion (puttu kodam / puttu pot) has water in it to create the steam and the upper tall vessel had the puttu mixture (puttu maavu). Now a days the kuzha is available in such a way that it can be placed over a pressure cooker and the kuzha puttu can be made…



Puttu Maavu: 1 Cup ready made chemba (red rice) puttu maavu
Coconut: 1 cup
Salt to taste

Kadala curry
Kadala / small brown chickpeas: 2 cups
Coconut: 1 cup
onion: 1 nos finely sliced
Dhania seeds: 2 tsp
jeera: 2 tsp
Red chillies: 3-4 nos or according to taste
Oil: 2 tsp
salt to taste


1. Soak the kadala overnight in water.
2. Cook the soaked kadala with salt and set aside.
3. Heat oil in a kadai and saute coconut, dhania seeds, jeera, onions. red chillies till the whole mixture is brown in colour.
4. Grind the sauteed coconut mixture to a coarse paste and set aside.
5. Heat oil in a kadai and add the kadala and the coconut paste and cook for 10-15 minutes on low flame…

(picture quality is not that great 😦 )

6. For the puttu, take 1 cup of the puttu maave (puttu powder) and add little salt to it and mix.
7. Wet the puttu maavu with water in such a way that the powder is still dry but when you close your fist, the maavu retains the shape of the fist… Now divide the maavu into two equal portions and set aside…
8. Take a pressure cooker, add water to it and heat it, once the water heated close the lid of the pressure cooker…
9. Take the kuzha and layer the bottom of the kuzha with little coconut.
10. Layer one portion of the puttu maavu, then add coconut on top of it..then layer the second portion of the maavu and add one more layer of coconut…
11. Once the steam comes out of the pressure cooked, close the lid of the kuzha and place the kuzha on top of the cooker (place it from where the steam is usually released)…
12. Steam the kuzha on the cooker for atleast 10 mins..
13. For removing the puttu: Remove the kuzha from on top of the cooker. Use the thin metal stick given with the kuza and push the puttu from the back of the vessel…
14. Serve hot with kadala curry

~ by priyaskitchen on October 18, 2007.

20 Responses to “Kuzha Puttu with Kadala Curry…”

  1. hey nice recipe. always had sweet version of puttu.never had kadala curry. wanna try it soon.

  2. Hey dear, didn’t heard of this recipe before.. sounds very interesting..:)

  3. well, i had puttu and kadla curry last weekend… not the homemade one but the readymade frozen one 😉 i got to buy that puttu steamer.

  4. Slurp Slurp!!! Every time I see the Puttu maker, I want to buy one and I forget to order. Looks great Priya!:))

  5. I have heard so much about this, but have never tasted it…sounds lovely.

  6. We love this at home. I make something very similar too (have also posted on my blog).

  7. priya, i have soaked kadala. and i was going to make your curry tonight. i have a recipe that i love, but variations to it are always welcome.

  8. Homesick Homesick 😦 seeing your post. It reminds me of my mom makinf it almost everyweek for us as breakfast.

  9. swaroopa: try it out..you will like it..

    siri: njoy!!!

    sia: home made is always better da… 🙂

    Asha: thanks…

    Sunita: 🙂

    Laavanya: hey saw it.. looks nice..

    bee: so how was the kadala curry??

    happy cook: Come to my place.. 🙂

  10. hey kya re akka!! mere naa hote hue all this is being prepd!! main tha yeh sab try nahi kiya tum log ne!!

  11. come home..will make them for u and amala… 🙂

  12. hey can we do it without the puttu cooker? can we do it with normal cooker in our home? i so how?

  13. hi…kriti..i have as of yet not seen anybody make this without the puttu maker… u could try steaming it ..still not too sure how it will turn out…

  14. Hi..first time to ur blog…today special at my home is Puttu with kadala…Reciepe from u…thank u so much..it came out very wel..everyone loved it..thank u so much for this wonderful receipe…Love Uma

  15. good one priya

  16. […] Breakfast: Hoping to launch myself into some puttu and kadala curry. […]

  17. it is nice to see. im going to try it out but then im not having that kuzha instead what can i use???

  18. hi Preethy…this is a technique where alternate layers of puttu powder and grated coconut are steamed…i guess any vessel where you could achieve this should be okay…but in that case you might arrive at a different shape…

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