Pirkankai Dosai (Ridgegourd Dosai)

Last week i got really bored of making the usual sambar, rice etc etc…so decided to make a different type of dosa…A dosa made up of ridge gaurd slices..little time consuming but again..pain is gain in taste..



Pirkankai: 800 gms or 3 nos (1 feet long)
Coconut: 150 gms
Raw rice: 200 gms
Dhania seeds: 2 – 3 tsp
Dry red chillies: according to taste
Salt: as per requirement


dscn1508.JPG   dscn1516.JPG   dscn1517.JPG

(click on the thumbnail to get the enlarged picture) 

1. Soak the raw rice in water for 1 hr.
2. Grind the soaked rice with coconut, dhania seeds, red chillies, salt in a fine liquidy consistency (consistency- liquidier than our normal dosai batter)
3. Remove the skin of the pirkanki (ridge gaurd) and slice them into round & thin slices.
4. Gather all the slices in a plate and set aside.
5. Take a cup and por the dosai batter into it.
6. Take a dosai pan and heat it and grease it with little oil.
7. Dip each pirkankai slice into the batter and arrange it on the pan as shown in the picture.
8. Once some10-12 slices have been arranged on the pan, pour the batter on it so that the slices are covered with batter.
9. Add some oil to the sides and cover the dosai and cook on low flame till the dosai gets cooked on one side.
10. Flip the dosai and cook the other side too.

11. Once the dosai is cooked, serve hot with chutney powder or pickle…

~ by priyaskitchen on September 26, 2007.

7 Responses to “Pirkankai Dosai (Ridgegourd Dosai)”

  1. This sounds very much like a Coimbatore style dish!!! :). Yummy.

  2. Very Different and unique dish priya!!!

  3. Hi Priyanka, dosa looks yum Girl. I have got to make this when I get Ridge gourd next time!:)

  4. I am intrigued by the spices and the gourd in this dosa. Will try it!

  5. yum we too make this dosa but our is slighlty different 🙂 love it thanks for the reminding!

  6. Thanks all of you…

  7. It looks adorable…the see-through dosa with green discs inside. Very creative!

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