Mixed Vegetable Pulao

One of my favourtite preperation during a week day is a simple vegetabe pulao…something which does not take much time and yet is very delicious…


Cut / diced mixed vegetables : 2 cups (incl corn, carrots, beans, potatoes, peas etc)
Cooked Basmati Rice: as per requirement
Whole masalas: Bay leaf: 2 nos, cinamon stick: 1 inch: 1 nos, cloves: 6 nos, badi elaichi: 1 nos
Ginger-garlic paste: 1 tsp
Onions: 2 nos medium sized
Soya chunks: 10 nos (Soak the chunks in luke warm water for 20 min, then cut each of the chunks into 4 pieces)
Green Chillies: as per taste
salt: according to taste

1. Cook basmati in a pressure cooker with the whole masalas.
2. Remove the cooked basmati in a plate and set aside to cool.
3. Take a kadai, add onions and saute till it is pink
4. Add ginger garlic paste to this and saute
5. Add chillies and saute
6. Add the vegetables, salt and let it get cooked.
7. Once the vegetables are cooked add the soya chunks and cook for some more time.
8. Add the cooked basmati to the vegetables and mix well.
9. Cover and cook the mixed rice for 10 minutes in low flame.
10. Garnish with corriander leaves and serve hot…

~ by priyaskitchen on September 21, 2007.

12 Responses to “Mixed Vegetable Pulao”

  1. Beautiful – I love the flavour that Bay leaf adds to rice.

  2. Very colorful,looks delicious!:))

  3. Yummy…:D anytime for Puloao.

  4. Colorful pulav!

  5. Looks great…I can imagine the taste…I like adding Soya chunks to veg rice

  6. My comfort food. I like to eat this after a long day !!

  7. very colorfull and full meal dish 🙂

  8. thank you everybody… 🙂

  9. looks delicious….cant wait to try it

  10. cool recipe!! tried it and came out nicely…

  11. thanks Swaroopa…

  12. I made the mixed veggie pulao for dinner today and it was perfect ! Did not add soy chunks but no problem! What I like about the recipe is that there are NO masala powders nor is there chilli powder! Just veggies, rice, whole spices n salt! Healthy and tasty 🙂 thankyou for posting the recipe !

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